Young Professionals Color The World

Seldin Company was proud to be represented at the 2018 YP Summit by 11 employees this year. The YP Summit brings together more than 1,500 young professionals in a one-day networking event. The purpose behind the YP Summit is to empower young professionals to grow professionally and personally.

Young Professionals Color The World

The Seldin group was able to hear from talented and inspirational young professionals that have made big waves in various industries both locally and nationally. Entrepreneur, John Henry of Harlem Capital and Julissa Arce, author of My (Underground) American Dream, were both keynote speakers. Attendees participated in breakout sessions, emphasizing in: personal development, technology & innovation, local issues, professional development, as well as talent inclusion.

“I loved being able to attend the YP Summit. It was clear there were a lot of bright minds in that room,” said Brandon Huisman, Seldin Property Accountant. “I encourage everyone to ask themselves how their story can be a voice that makes your community, or circle of influence, a better place. What breaks your heart and how can you use your strengths to bridge a gap that may not change the entire world, but could change somebody’s world?”

A common theme throughout the day was: If you are uncomfortable, then you are growing. It’s in those times of discomfort that an individual finds learning opportunities. At Seldin, we believe in being lifetime learners.

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