- by Alicia Clark, President / CEO

A few weeks ago, Cindy Powers and I had the opportunity to accompany Randy Lenhoff, former CEO of Seldin Company, to the National Affordable Housing Management Association Industry Awards Event. Randy was awarded the NAHMA Industry Statesman Award for more than 30 years of dedication to the affordable housing industry. The award is given annually to a NAHMA Executive member in recognition of many years of outstanding leadership and service to NAHMA.


Randy spoke of his many years of legislative advocacy on behalf of affordable housing recipients, especially those residing in senior housing developments. He discussed the history and advancement of HUD and other federal and state housing programs that have allowed those involved in the property management industry to impact the opportunities and futures of our residents.

NAHMA was born out of a desire to have a "seat at the table" in the bipartisan effort to ensure resources were set-aside, or made available, to advance the mission of affordable housing. Many early members including Ted Seldin, along with Randy Lenhoff, were instrumental in the growth of the organization and laying the groundwork to their status today.

During Randy's time as an Executive Member of NAHMA, he also served on many local groups with similar or parallel interests including the IA/NE AHMA and the Local IREM Chapter. Randy served Seldin Company in multiple leadership capacities during these more than 3 decades where he was an industry expert in both residential and commercial property management.

It was with great gratitude that Cindy and I were able to join the NAHMA membership in congratulating and recognizing Randy. He has been a great mentor to both of us during our many years with Seldin Company and we have appreciated his willingness to take action, provide guidance, and offer support and counsel in many areas of our business. We are thankful he has the opportunity to travel with his wife Deb and to enjoy newfound time away from the office with his daughters, son-in-law's, and grandchildren. We wish Randy the very best in his future adventures and again thank him for the many years of hard work and dedication.